Biometric Attendance System

The biometric attendance system is an information system tool that is used to record attendance and time data. It is a tool that manages the time of the employees in an organization by collecting attendance data through biometric identifiers. Most of the BAS have finger scanner or finger readers.

In any business, managing people and time creates the difference and the competitive advantage. To bridge these essential divides, you need a tool that is able to keep your employees on the clock and dedicate but does this in a subtle way. It is about a tool that gets people managed in a humane way and gives you control. You need a Biometric Attendance System (BAS).





1. Fingerprint and password attendance detection and recording

2. Records more than 60,000 transactions

3. Has user capacities of more than 3,0000 identities

4. Powered by both AC and DC currents

5. Optional proximity reader and battery back up

How it works

The biometric attendance system are usually located within the entrance of the building of the work station. When an employee gets into the building, he or she places her thumb on the scan. The scanner runs a scan on the thumb and matches it with the existing biometric information in the database. The scanner then detects the matching fingerprint and recognizes the employee and other information. These information are recorded by identifying the person that has just entered and the time of entry.