The determined professionals at our end, bring to our valued customers a quality product, the pump Automation Systems. These products are made from best-in-industry quality raw materials acquired from trusted vendors and thus maintain the international standard in their operation. The Water Automation Systems we provide also have the following type of systems, Multiple Tanks Automation Systems, Multiple Building Water Automation, Single Pump Multiple Tanks Automation, Automatic Off Pump and Manual On Auto Off from India.




• Suitable for DOL, ASD & Submersible Pumps, and Boosting Pump with Soft stater.

• Protects the motor approx. 99.9% from burnt and an other fault.

• This System has 4 Digital Input, 4 Digital output and 4 Analog Inputs for control.

• Stop the wasting of water from overhead tank and other tank through level controller.

• Auto mode the pump automatically switches ON as per 4 schedule times

• Manual mode the pump manually switched ON by Operator .